T60A Panel Saw

A smoothly running saw blade, a smooth and precise guidance of the sliding table and a precision rip fence; all fundamental features that woodworkers see as the most important aspects of a high-quality sliding table saw.
The T60A can offer you this and even more. The T60A nicely rounds out the MARTIN saw line.
The operation of the machine is focused on the essentials, but still offers everything necessary for a premium entry-level class saw from MARTIN. Cutting height and angle are adjusted electrically via pushbutton with a digital readout for the cutting angle. MARTIN Sets Standards.

General Technical Features

• Table size: “850 mm x 1100 mm in grey cast iron
Table extension as standard over full table width 850 mm x 700 mm. Stainless steel construction.”

• Table height: 900 mm

• Sliding table: “3000 mm (9’8″”) table and cutting length, infinitely locking design,
anodised aluminium construction, wear-resistant tempered guides with self-cleaning design;
replaceable table edge. ”

• Saw blade arbor: “Ø 30 mm for main saw blade
Tool cutting width max. 15.3 mm”

• Saw blade replacement: “ProLock” Quick change system

• Saw blade diameter: 250 – 315 mm; 250 – 400 mm for cut height package T60A18-a

• Cutting width: 850 mm

• Cross-cut fence: “Anodised aluminium with continuous support, micro-adjustment for both flip stop elements; measurement display via scale with magnifying glass; cutting length 95 – 2000 mm, can be extended to 3220 mm”

• Cross-cut table: “Galvanised steel construction, mitre cuts by scale without adjusting the stop;
integrated fix positions for 0°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° cuts; single-handed clamping at sliding table;

• Rip fence: Anodised aluminium construction riding on four grooved ball bearings, can be removed in any position, fence extrusion can be reversed for veneer overhang applications.

• Dust Extraction “Riving knife mounted guard 60 mm Ø, optional height-adjustable guard on Classic 100 mm Ø with cut height package T60A-18-a; machine frame 120 mm Ø; min. dust extraction capacity required: 18 m³/min (T60A18-a: 21 m³/min) at 800 Pa”

• Maintenance: Maintenance-free guidances for height and tilt adjustment

• Operation: “The operating controls are easily accessible and clearly laid out in the frame; the  height and tilt adjustment for the main saw blade occurs by pressing a button slowly and/or quickly;
the blade angle is clearly displayed digitally.”

• Electrical equipment: Electronic braking device for T60A, electronic soft start braking device for the cut height package option T60A-18-a; contact control of dust extraction; motor protection switch and overload protection, undervoltage protection; lockable main switch, EMERGENCY STOP button; required power supply: 3 ~ / 400 V – 50Hz (according to VDE/EN 60204)

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