The smooth thing …
a hot melt cartridge with easy slide coating

Product  information

Protected from dust
This cartridge is protected from
contamination, dust and dirt whilst
being stored at the work place. In
addition to this even if stored in a
warm environment the cartridges do
not stick together.
Problem free melting
The new foil coating acts like a lubricant
when in the machine.
It aids smooth problem free melt
rate and dissolves without trace during
the melting process.
Increased melting speed
The cartridge with the easy slide
coasting ensures increased melting
speed, which is required to bond
wide edges and long substrates.
Easy change of cartridges
Cartridges, when colour changes are
required can be taken out and used
again easily, as the foil protects the

Please Note: We also have similar glue in Granule form for your edgebander!