Boere maak a plan!

Sanding glued solid wood panels

The biggest manufacturer of edge glued solid wood panels in Western Europe looked for a renewal and increase in its production capacity. Since the customer already works with several Boere wide belt sanders to their full satisfaction, the choice for another Boere was quickly made.
However, the specific execution of the machines, a sanding line consisting of a bottom and top working machine both equipped with 3 contact rollers and 1 sanding pad, was determined in close collaboration with the customer and Boere. Thus the sanding line has been completely integrated in the whole production line of the edge glued solid wood panels.
After the panels have been pressed, these will be sanded. Sanding is done using increasing grain sizes, starting with grain 24, moving up to 40 and 80 and finishing with grain 120, after which the panels can be painted or stained.