Uno 1302 Edgebander entry level

UNO series highest user-optimization, productivity, precision and safety for years thanks to heavy and rigid frame. Control technique and operation with turnable and tiltable control panel, dustproof. Glue application via nozzle technique highest flexibility on glue application via patented nozzle technique. EVA and PUR glue can be handled without laborious and expensive accessories. Glue is ready to use in form of cartridges and granules. Neutral or coloured glue can be changed quickly. Lowest energy expenses thanks to shortest heating time within 3 minutes. Automatic cleaning of the glue station after pressing a button only. Unit technique Basing on our 50 years experience concerning edge banders we supply modern and solid working units which have been developed continuously in order to grant high-class processing of edges and guarantee best product quality on all ready items. Tooling technique latest technical up-date on diamond driven milling technology with connected chip removal and patented Pro Lock collet chucks, each matching with your special application range. Accessories The wide range of accessories starts from the automatic adjustment of gluing height up to the pull-out workpiece support. Also retrofitting of the accessories is easily possible thanks to modelkit method.

Edgebander for the edging and post-machining of materials in panel form (such as chipboard panels, MDF panels, tabletops, etc.)
Edging thickness of coiled edging: 0,4 – 3 mm
(depending on material)
Edging thickness of cut-length edging: 0,4 – 3 mm
(depending on material)
Edging height: max. 51 mm
Panel thickness: 6 – 45 mm
Workpiece width: min. 65 mm
Workpiece length: min. 210 mm
Feed speed: 10 m/min
Rigid control panel,
ergonomically located on the inlet side, with selector switches for adjusting the units, with temperature control for the heating circuits in the adhesive application system